4 awesome Xero features that make agency life a little easier


As a creative involved with an agency, you know that life is fast-paced with little room for error. 

You hit the ground running and most times you don’t have time for re-dos. This client-driven work structure is all about adapting to change, moving quickly, and getting things done which can be a little overwhelming. Still, the fast-paced nature of modern technology and the average millennial's aptitude for learning, understanding, and executing new tech makes us the perfect candidates for agency work. We understand how to seamlessly become a part of a fast-paced environment, and let’s face it; we wouldn’t have it any other way.

However, no matter what agency, business, or startup you work in or with, things could always be a bit simpler, which is where Xero comes in. Arguably the best accounting software to date, Xero has a number of great features that will make agency life a little (or a lot) easier to handle as you tackle the day to day.

Xero and Four Reasons You Should Be Using It


An online accounting software and service that’s easy to use, Xero makes the business end of agency life a little bit easier for the sometimes-overworked individual. Built almost exclusively for creative agencies, Xero is the best way to get accounting done and done well. The following five features are as efficient as they are awesome, so why not get started today?

1.    Xero Mobile: Xero offers a Xero Mobile app that allows businesses to keep track of transactions, as well as code bank transactions while on the go. With this feature, it’s easier than ever for creative agencies and businesses to raise their sales invoices, as well as to record purchases. In short, keeping track of money, transactions, and bookkeeping is streamlined, simple, and efficient with this one of a kind feature.

2.    Workflow Max: This Xero starts at $25 a month, and is specifically for service-based businesses who bill their time on projects for their clients. Overall, Workflow Max makes for an improved customer experience because the unique system allows companies to manage all client details from within a basic CRM. This means contracts, jobs, invoice details, and all quotes are in the same place, easily tracked and easy to find.

3.    Cash Coding: This Xero product feature makes it incredibly easy to code lots of transactions quickly. To use, you simply sort the list of transactions and then you can code in bulk, saving you lots of processing time. This feature makes handling long untouched transactions that have piled up a breeze and ultimately freeing up time for other duties.

4.    Xero Files: With Xero files, you can store contracts, invoices, and other relevant documents either attached to a transaction or in a general library. Whatever files you need to keep on hand, whether your agency’s masthead, terms and conditions, contract details, quotes, photos, or anything else, they can be attached, sent off or saved in the library. This feature remedies the headache of spending ages searching for a document and makes the need for copies (though still useful) a thing of the past. With Xero files, all of your most important files are easily found in one place whenever you need them.


You’ve no doubt heard the sentiment to “work smarter, not harder” and Xero is the software to help you do just that. Efficiency on the go has never been easier, making Xero and the many features it offers soon to be your number one business companion.

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